Professional summary

The speciality of non specialization

  • Twenty years of experience as an ICT professional designing and managing infrastructures and staff activities on Unix/Linux systems, Free/Open source software, with special attention to security and privacy.
  • Consolidated background and experience as knowledge and community manager, including experience as a Smart City project manager.
  • Involved in interdisciplinar research activity on complex social systems: Open Source communities, communities of practice, language and semiotic systems.
  • Several years of experience in teaching
In more detail:
  • As a freelance professional I look for challenging projects with mixed organizational and technological issues.
  • I developed a platform for the collection, scraping, archiving  of newspaper articles (hactar) used in the research activities.
  • Involved in the Urban Data Anlytics project for the Padova municipality.
  • I am involved in research activity as a fellow of research groups, with an interdisciplinary view on the impact of technology on complex systems regulation, from organisation science to open source communities. My interests range from from cognitive science to hjelmlsevian semiotics and textual analysis, I have taught courses and contributed to conferences and seminars, mainly on free software/open source, privacy and other technology impact issues. See my privacy-by-design project.
  • As senior ITC staff member of the University of Padova, I promoted a Community of Practice (now evolved in the U-Wakes project) to overcome innovation deficit and scattered knowledge. I also organized a "champions of innovation" conference or "innovation jam" event that catalyzed the spin-off of innovative projects.
  • As a senior system manager, I designed the core systems and led the ITC staff for a mid-sized university department (~500 nodes). I upgraded the same infrastructure using free/open source technology whenever available and designed a high-reliability, low cost servers cluster with virtualization techniques (Linux Vserver). As a network manager I designed a reliable, flexible, low cost, vlan-based network architecture centered on two redundant layer2 core switches paired with redundant dedicated server-based layer3 routing. More in the projects page.
  • As an information security officer, I was responsible for departmental ITC security and led an university-wide interest group. Previously I made one of the first (if not the first), network security analysis for the University of Padova, and discovered unknown vulnerabilities before Bugtraq disclosure (Alcatel PABX 4400). I also developed an innovative �stigmergic� antispam technique: stixs.
  • As a computer history passionate, I organized a track of conferences on the learning opportunities of historical computing in 2006, 2007, 2008, promoted a Retrocomputing community (ReFun) and the project for a Computer Science Museum in Padova.

Professional activities I'm be glad to be involved in:
  • Systems architecture design.
    • Classical system and network design, open source software search & procurement, system management.
    • consolidation and virtualization.
    • email systems, antispam filtering (see also
    • design of secure (reliable and resilient) systems and networks
  • Free/open source software and collaborative systems:
    • licensing issues
    • business models and cooperative/collaborative organizational models
    • community building
  • Courses
    • system administration
    • GNU/Linux systems security, firewalling
    • Free/Open Source Software
  • Research activity: My interest is mainly in regulation of systems. I'll be glad to get involved in research concerning the emergence of regulation from the circular interaction of environment and system components. More in the documents and conferences section.
  • Creativity: I occasionally do some Logo Design and QR code creative editing and design. I love photography.