Ongoing projects:
  • is a project collecting and linking together a variety of Smart City initiatives in the city of Padova. I am involved within Padovasmart with an Open Innovation research project.
  • Science in the Media Monitor is a great media monitoring project from Observa. I am the technical project leader.
  • TagMeNot is a privacy enhancing project that helps to opt-out for pictures taken in public places or public events. Wearing or displaying a TagMeNot helps to state clearly that you object that you pictures are going online. It could help keeping your privacy of with Google Streetview or Microsoft Streetside or in conferences or public gatherings.
  • As a community manager and teacher I help developing trying to introduce innovative ways to use communication technologies in public administrations.
  • I am developing a "stigmergic" antispam system that tries to give recipients advantage from an information asymmetry that usually disadvantages him. More details in, a site I maintain on e-mail issues. See also
    I am wroting some perl code to implement a a delegate policy module for Postfix called stixs. Source code and instructions available on
  • I am co-founder of the ReFUN project: a retrocomputing project that aims at installing and using free operating systems on valuable workstations and  vintage computers, such as PDPs, VAXen, SGI, Next...
  • I am a fellow with MUSI Didactic museum of history of informatics. The museum collection is located in one of the former abbattoirs of Padova, which is a fascinating and underexploited place. A long-time goal is the development of real Computer Science Museum and laboratory in Padova. I drafted a mission project for transforming this rich collection into a real museum and laboratory and presented it at the UDIS08 conference.

These are the main organizational and technical projects I was involved in while working as a full time employee at the University of Padova:
  • The Dreams Project aimed at building a Community of Practice among the 150 ITC staff members in the University, fostering knowledge-sharing and the development of grassroots projects to overcome technological and organizational deficits. I was on the steering committee, while contributing to the security and accessibility projects. A full evaluation report has been published and is available here.
  • I contributed to the ICT staff training program promoting Thematic meetings: very short 4 hours teaching/learning courses with an hands-on approach on new technologies. I also taught some modules.
  • I built and maintained an university-wide knowledge Wiki Site Project on Free/Open Source Software (now discontinued). A Waybak machine copy available here.
  • I designed, built and updated an high-reliability, low cost, high performance cluster for hosting all the computing resources of a single mid-sized department. About 500 processes running in roughly 25 virtual servers hosted on 2 physical hosts. I drafted three different generations of this architecture, both with shared and replicated (DRBD and rsync) storage.
  • I designed, built and updated an highly reliable, low cost, highly flexible network architecture centered on two redundant layer-2 core switches paired with a couple of Linux low-end servers that were doing the layer-3 routing between a number of VLANs while also providing firewalling and core network services.